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The Mara Family Business Entrepreneurs owners Bjan R T Mara (son) and Paul L T Mara (father) ask that you take the time to read the following lists of fine print.

Our Rent To Own – Business Website Rentals

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Low Cost: Our initial Business Website Rentals 8 Page Website Package offer costs you only $19.95 A Month for an 8 Page Business Website, now that’s true affordability for any business owner!

Remember No Binding Contracts: Our Business Website Rentals have no binding contracts and you may rescind your business website at any time.

Don’t Forget Our Annual Discounted Option:
Discounted Annual Purchase; You pay for 10 Months and get 12 Months, $199.50.


Our Mission: We maintain our belief that every business should own a Business Website hence our Rent To Own option, one that gives business owners who wish to purchase their website, the chance to do so after Twelve (12) Months allowing them the time to budget before taking ownership, in case it takes a little longer that’s no problem at all as it’s available anytime after 12 months.
Importantly: Our Monthly Business Website Rentals are designed to successfully give your business a foot in the door to a successful online presence. Conditions may apply.

So Let Us Help You Get YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE NOW Wherever You Are Globally!
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Australia | New Zealand | Worldwide

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