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Paul L T Mara


Partner of Mara Family Online Offline Marketing & Business Consultants Paul holds a Certificate IV in Small Business Management from 2004 view here then updated in 2012 view here.

Entrepreneurial Know How

Paul has owned successful businesses in Tahiti and New Zealand trading in three different languages under different tax jurisdictions.
Businesses included, in Tahiti motor mechanic, panel beater, car painter and car sales.
New Zealand tour guide, medical liaison interpreter and translator, owner of a Mechanical Repair Workshop owner, operator of services apartments, insurance salesman to name a few…

Website Building

He built his first website in 2000, with website building becoming a passionate hobby as an autodidact learned website building using basic HTML and graphic design; he became proficient in creating WordPress CMS websites in 2010 after months of research, testing and evaluation which the Mara Family continues with till this day.


An early awareness of the power of Social Media Paul joined many right from day one and has been a member of several very successful Network Marketing companies including Amway and Herbalife.
He believes everyone needs an education but has proved that experience can also be a big winner.
A vast Entrepreneurial Know How which he now wishes to share.

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