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Owners of the Mara Family Business Bjan R T Mara (son) and Paul T L Mara (father) both hold a Certificate IV in Small Business Management (View in their About Page).


Our services include advice and entrepreneurial know how for small business owners on online/offline marketing, financial awareness, how to become goal setting smart, understanding and implementing time management plus how to successfully create a small business and much more…
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Business Websites

Another service is Business Websites which includes, website planning, website hosting, domain names, search engine management and our initial Premier Product Business Website Rentals.
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Social Media

We also assist with the creation and promotion of Social Media Networking and Business Network Marketing, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and many more.
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Online Business Directories

We have created four (4) Online Business Marketing Directories for our small business owners to promote their goods, products, services and important details as part of our Online Business Network Marketing.
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The first Mara Family business was started in New Zealand by Natapu Mara (grandfather and father) in 1996 as a medical liaison and interpreter which continues today run by Anthony M T Mara (older brother and eldest son).
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Low Cost: Our initial Business Website Rentals 8 Page Website Package offer costs you only $19.95 A Month for an 8 Page Business Website, now that’s true affordability for any business owner! Subscribe Here

Remember No Binding Contracts: Our Business Website Rentals have no binding contracts and you may rescind your business website at any time.

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Our Mission: We maintain our belief that every business should own a Business Website hence our Rent Too Own option, one that gives business owners who wish to purchase their website, the chance to do so after Twelve (12) Months allowing them the time to budget before taking ownership, in case it takes a little longer that’s no problem at all as it’s available anytime after 12 months.
Importantly: Our Monthly Business Website Rentals are designed to successfully give your business a foot in the door to a successful online presence. Conditions may apply.

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Bjan R T Mara

About Partner of Mara Family Online Offline Marketing & Business Consultants Bjan holds a Certificate IV in Small Business Management. Youthful Enthusiasm Bjan brings youth and enthusiasm to our business and has been an integral part of our businesses implementation of products and services in all aspects, small business management, business website building and social …

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Paul L T Mara

About Partner of Mara Family Online Offline Marketing & Business Consultants Paul holds a Certificate IV in Small Business Management from 2004 view here then updated in 2012 view here. Entrepreneurial Know How Paul has owned successful businesses in Tahiti and New Zealand trading in three different languages under different tax jurisdictions. TAHITI Businesses included, …

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